Victims Way To Get The Ideal Body Weight

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There are many ways that can aid in weight loss, ranging from the healthy way to instant ways. From it all, there are some that are considered the most bizarre ways.

How to lose weight is to set up the healthy diet and regular exercise. Unfortunately, not all of people willing to do this way because they are complicated and waste their time. so, they want get Victims Way To Get The Ideal Body Weight.

Here are ways to lose weight is considered to be the most bizarre in the world, as reported by Smashingtops.

1. Cotton Balls Diet


Dieters will eat cotton in large quantities. This method is believed to be made ​​of cotton expands in the stomach and gives the sensation of fullness. Unfortunately, cotton can not be digested by the human body and the remains will be in the stomach for a very long time. this diet can even damage the digestive tract.

2. Worm Diet


the diet method sounds really disgusting but it is quite popular in the 1920's, when the taenia solium worm pill touted as key to gaining weight. To do this diet, dieters eat a capsul that containing taenia solium larvae, so tiny invaders attached to the intestines and consume most of the food you eat. The larger parasites grow, shrink your body.

3. Sleeping Diet

Sleeping Diet are performed by consuming sleeping pills to ward off hunger with a deep sleep for a long time. This method may be inspired by the tsetse fly which makes the victim experiencing sleeping sickness. Dieters are usually deliberately made ​​her sleep in a long time so it does not interfere with hunger. And while unconscious body, believed fat will be loss.

So, if you dare to do the Victims Way To Get The Ideal Body Weight then you can choose one the diet methods.