Improve Children's Intelligence With Swimming

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Swimming able to improve children's intelligence


Swimming was not only beneficial for health but also usefull for intelligence and motor development of children. Research reveals that children learn to swim at an early age was growing faster and have a higher level of intelligence than other children, the study conducted by researchers from Griffith Institute for Educational Research. Research done by the 7,000 people surveyed parents of children from Australia, New Zealand and the United States Children examined in this study had a mean age under five years old and studies conducted over the past three years.

Researchers also included as many as 180 other children aged 3-5 years to be tested. The goal is that research about the benefits of swimming in children is becoming more comprehensive. The results showed a significant difference between children and non-swimmers who swim without being affected by socio-economic background. But the study found no effect of gender on the development and intelligence.

In addition to the development of the physical, the children learn to swim keeping score better in visual motor skills such as paper cutting, coloring and drawing lines and shapes, as well as a math assignment. They also tend to be more expressive in words, and shows better capability in several related fields of letters and numbers.

Most of the abilities are highly valued in the learning environment, and will be considered beneficial for children when they move from pre-school to school.