Potatoes Juice: a powerful food for weight loss program

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Potatos is popular vegetable that is not recommended for consumption if you're on a weight loss program.but by little slight modifications, the potatoes can be a powerful food for weight loss.

So, what the secret potatoes recipe to modification a powerful food for weight loss program ? the secret is potato juice. Here the recipes. 1. Choose a fresh potatoes Chips that you choose should be fresh, typically have a strong brown color. Do not choose potatoes that have faded or been covered with green or white sprouts on it. 2. Create potato juice Rinse potatoes and cut widened several parts in order to enter into a blender. You can memeprtahankan potato skins, because the high vitamin content it is on the skin. Add natural honey for better taste. 3. Drink potato juice before meals Drink potato juice about 2 hours before breakfast and 1/2 hour before dinner. 4. Choose healthy foods Although you have consumption potato juice every day before meals, this method will not work if you eat unhealthy foods like junk food. make sure to eat healthy foods for success weight loss program with potatoes juice.